Office Gear: A New Nine to Five

From power bars to whiteboards, conference tables and shelves, these once-traditional workplace tools have found new purpose (and style).

NeatUp | Humanscale

This savvy cable management tool helps users achieve a connected and clutter-free workstation. Compatible with Humanscale’s award-winning sit-stand desk, Float (and its electronic counterpart, eFloat), NeatUp sits seamlessly along the table leg and moves with the desk as it is adjusted up and down. In addition to keeping unruly wires under control and hidden from sight, the tool also features a built-in, six-plug powerstation for convenient connectivity.

Flex Write Surface | Post-it Brand

When polled, 93 per cent of professionals admitted to frustrations with traditional whiteboards, from ink staining to loss of dry-erase markers. Enter Flex Write, a new peel-and-stick product from Post-it Brand that can turn virtually any surface into a whiteboard. In addition to a simple application and damage-free removal, Flex Write can be used with any dry-erase or permanent marker. Best of all, it’s easily cleaned with water, and always resistant to stains.

Freehand | Studio TK

These deliberately imperfect tables, designed by London-based studio PearsonLloyd, are meant to be combined together to form different geometric configurations. Inspired by an artist’s free-flowing pencil, the tables are available in two shapes, three sizes, 16 paint options and five water-based lacquer finishes. The configurations can even be finished with tabletop surfaces, from felt and leather to linoleum and glass.

Versa 636 Range | Wilkhahn

The latest addition to Wilkhahn’s conference table lineup brings new meaning to the term “versatile.” The modular table system is connected to a bayonet lock, allowing it to be set up, extended, condensed or dismantled without any tools or loose connecting parts. What’s more, the Versa range – designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger – comes in various shapes, depths, surfaces and colours, and can be custom-fitted with built-in power capabilities.

Paravan Mood | Arper

Originally designed by Lievore Altherr to complement Arper’s Paravan privacy panels, these geometric accessories can now be installed as stand-alone items or grouped together for handy use in offices, classrooms, mudrooms and more. Simple in form and reliable in application, the full Paravan Mood line includes whiteboards, hooks, mirrors, magazine holders, shelves and socket towers, among other useful offerings.

Day-to-Day PowerBeam | AIS

Designed as an extension to AIS’s Day-to-Day Tables collection, this slim power bar and cable management tool works with both fixed and height-adjustable desks, allowing cords to be concealed and fed through the floor, up a leg, or down from the ceiling through a wall feed or power pole. Available in multiple lengths, angles, finishes and heights, PowerBeam is at once clever, agile and discreet.