Duravit’s HygieneGlaze 2.0 Aids In Fighting Germs

With COVID-19 currently dominating every aspect of our lives , hygiene now on everyone’s minds more than ever. With broadening dialogues around best practices in hand washing, best practices around bathroom habits should be discussed as well. Studies are showing viruses like COVID-19 might spread through feces, making levels of hygiene all that
more crucial.

Materials and material science, in partnership with leading disinfectants (i.e. Clorox, Lysol; full list of recommended disinfectants can be seen here ), can aid in the fight against rapid spread. Duravit’s HygieneGlaze 2.0. It is available across a host of the brand’s toilet solutions and just one of the many ways the brand is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of hygiene.

Baked into Duravit’s ceramic during firing, it is not only especially effective at killing germs, but acts very quickly. As a result of research and testing, HygieneGlaze 2.0 is proven to be a hygienic surface material that kills 90% of bacteria after six hours after contact and 99.999% of bacteria are effectively killed after 24 hours. In addition, HygieneGlaze 2.0, as a material, arrests the bacterial growth more effectively than conventional ceramic glazing. HygieneGlaze 2.0’s optimized formula contains a combination of various metal ions and active substances that elevate the material above competitive glazes; the glaze swiftly kills bacteria through “oligodynamic reaction” – the effect of positively charged metal ions
colliding with bacteria. Across the brand’s toilets and urinals that include HygieneGlaze 2.0, the material extends from the interior of the basin to the rim of the toilet or urinal.

“At Duravit, our focus goes beyond the aesthetics of our products to the well-being of their users. HygieneGlaze 2.0 ensures a healthful and clean bathroom environment thanks to its unique chemical composition and the innovative spirit of the Duravit team,” says Duravit USA president Tim Schroeder.