Formica Canada launches its 2020 Living Impressions Collection

Hand-painted marbles and watercolors are among the new style-forward surfaces for home interiors in the 2020 Living Impressions Collection by Formica Canada.

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Inspired by extensive home and design research, the launch includes five new 180fx laminate designs and one new Formica Laminate pattern.

“We’ve seen a surge in requests for handcrafted patterns, artisanally made materials and beautifully simplistic designs that add a personal touch to rooms throughout the home,” said Gerri Chmiel, residential design lead at Formica Corporation. “This year’s launch is particularly exciting because many of the designs aren’t based on a traditional scan of an existing material, but instead are handcrafted by artists to make a striking modern impression in a home.”

Originally created to give homeowners the drama of exotic granites, stones and woodgrains in a large-scale laminate with true-to-scale scanning technology, the 180fx laminate product line expands with its first handcrafted patterns in addition to one new stone design.

Inspired by natural movements in stone and lunar effects, the Painted Marble Series includes black and white painted marble surfaces that create a push-and-pull effect through the water and oil mixture.

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Water Porcelain and Water Steel are two designs that are part of the Watercolor Series. A combination of coloured pigments, alcohol and forced air is used to interpret marble – capturing the translucent and serene qualities, soft gradations and delicate watery veining.

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Calacatta Cava is a soft and flowing stone, with hints of warm gray and taupe. A new edition to the Formica Group white marble collection which includes Carrara Bianco and Calacatta Marble, Calacatta Cava features softer veining that delivers on homeowners’ evolving tastes for more subtle patterning in stones.

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The Living Impressions Collection adds another style-forward Formica Laminate option that is durable, easy to care for and expands the possibilities for interiors with a modern twist. Black Bardiglio’s fine-grained marble is synonymous with tradition and refined taste. This is the darker, dramatic counterpart to Formica Group’s White Bardiglio, and is ideal for modern spaces.

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