Office Gear: The Sound of Silence

The industry’s latest acoustic systems are easily customizable and exceedingly reliable.

Brix | Luxxbox

This modular, scalable and fully-customizable acoustic system consists of plates linked together by pins, creating partitions, walls or cubicles that reduce noise and increase privacy in open spaces. Users can choose from over 360 colour combinations and either rectangular, T-shaped or X-shaped plates, as well as open, semi-closed or fully-closed screen options, for varying levels of sound and sight management.

Mute Box | Artopex

Artopex’s freestanding work booths aim to increase productivity and privacy in open work environments. Available in solo or collaborative sizes for up to four people, each Mute Box is equipped with superior ventilation and acoustics, from double glass walls to three-inch air chambers, door seals and high-density soundproofing.

M923 | Maars Living Walls

The M923 modular panel system combines furniture, decor and wall panels that can be easily moved and reconfigured based on the user’s ever-changing mood or need. The panels are available in numerous finishes including moss, cork, whiteboard and textile and are 99 per cent reusable, making this ergonomic workstation both user and environmentally friendly.

Framery O VCR | Framery

Whether connecting with remote workers, interviewing potential employees or collaborating with colleagues from across the globe, the O VCR provides a private soundproof approach to face-timing. The echo-free phone booth is available in a painted sheet metal or brushed stainless steel exterior, with a birch plywood, recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt interior.

Soundscape | Shaw Contract

By pairing LVT in wood visual planks with acoustic backing underneath, this flooring not only absorbs sound but literally stops it from travelling. Ideal for both public and private spaces, Soundscape has been proven to decrease sound impact by 35 per cent, compared to a standard 2.5mm thick LVT.