Concertex introduces the spring 2020 Warp collection

The spring 2020 Warp collection by Concertex blurs the lines between coated fabrics and wovens. Designed to showcase the beauty of performance fabrics, Concertex presents a new technology called Tekloom with the introduction of three products – Apex, Flux, and Parallel.

Concertex Apex Parallel. Photo courtesy of Concertex.

The technology chemically bonds a woven product with the durable components of a coated fabric to create a fused textile. Suitable for the rigorous demands of all high-traffic areas, the Tekloom textiles are bleach cleanable, Graffiti-Free, impermeable to liquids, and surpasses over 1,000,000 double rubs. 

Bold and Graphic, Apex packs a powerful punch. The small scale, pictorial pattern is created with solid colored yarns in the warp and the weft to provide clean, clear colour combinations and vivid sharp lines. The Tekloom product is offered in 13 colourways, and lends a peak of interest to interior spaces.

Concertex Apex. Photo courtesy of Concertex.

Embracing fluidity and change, Flux stylishly reflects both in a 54” upholstery pattern. Reminiscent of the gentle movement found in natural yarn, Flux is constructed with a combination of multicolor filament yarns in the weft to achieve a striking strié effect and fluctuation in tone.

Concertex Flux. Photo courtesy of Concertex.

True to its namesake, Parallel’s large-scale stripes grace the face of the 54” upholstery. The pattern is constructed with a striped twill reminiscent of a wool and combines multicolour yarns with solid yarns in the weft to provide colour depth and dimension.

Concertex Parallel. Photo courtesy of Concertex.

Offered in a wide range of comfortable colourways, Apex, Flux, and Parallel are curated towards healthcare facilities, educational buildings, and government institutions.