Lakeshore Dental

Sitting on the edge of Toronto’s waterfront, a previously empty double-height ground floor space is now occupied by Lakeshore Dental. Izabela, a fashion-forward dentist who understands and appreciates the value of good design, moved her dental clinic across the street to take advantage of the bright views, proximity to the water, and to meet the needs of her growing practice. The space, designed by Toronto-based Bortolotto Design Architect, focuses on maintaining a sense of connection, both with its exterior surroundings through large expanses of glazing, and via a feature interior stair, highlighting the vertical volume and inviting visitors through the space.

The clinic is located at the base of a new condominium tower on Lakeshore Blvd, in a corner unit. The program includes an open waiting and reception area upon entering, followed by a consult room, sterilization room and four operatories on the first level. A staff room, office and two additional rooms on reserve for potential medical procedures are on the second level. The two levels are linked by a staircase, which becomes the space’s central design feature.

The clinic has an airy palette, with an abundance of natural sunlight entering through the double height glazing. The space is grounded with the stair, which combines solid wood with steel stringers, glass handrails and stainless-steel detailing. The staircase becomes a space for connection, providing opportunity for human interaction, and maintaining visibility and openness between the two levels. The materials and hues of the stair are weaved through the rest of the clinic. Workspaces are clean and bright, with touches of accent colour and wood for added warmth and tactility.

An emphasis on infusing the space with the energy and brightness of its context was an important design element. Wellness of the Lakeshore Dental team and visitors was always at the forefront of the process. Optimizing the natural daylight the occupants receive, while also considering heat gain and sun control were important considerations in the design. The clinic maintains a balance to ensure productivity, happiness and health of its occupants. The project was completed very closely with Izabela, to ensure the results were in tune with her vision. It was critical to deliver on our commitment to the client needs, the clinic’s requirements and the potential of the space and its connection to the context.

Photography by Tom Arban