Ambiente: Under the Wire

By being held in mid-February, the Frankfurt-based international consumer goods fair known as Ambiente was one of the last design product trade shows to run before the coronavirus-based domino-effect of shutdowns began. As such, we got a glimpse at many new and innovative concepts and products in the Dining, Living and Giving sectors.

Familie Hempel | Marie Radke

This furniture collection, seen in the Talents Pavilion, pays homage to the classic pile of clothes on a chair that are already worn but are not ready for the washing machine. The family has four members — a stool, pouf, bench, and high seat — and wants to dissuade unnecessary washing by encouraging an appreciation for our clothes in a fast-fashion world.

Door Mat Collection | Heymat+

This Norwegian company’s striking monochrome floor mats designed by Kristine Five Melvær are inspired by water, wind, earth and rocks. Made from recycled PET bottles, the rugged structure not only meets sustainability requirements but is also ideal for rubbing dirt off shoes.

Elements | Lappa

Designed and manufactured in Prague, these decorative acoustic panels in oval, circular or playful drop-shaped forms use a digitally printed acoustics-absorbing textile ideal for the walls of offices and residential spaces.

Grace | Pappelina

This new collection of rugs blends metallic and solid colours using traditional looms and wooden shuttles but employing a new weaving technology that integrates recycled plastic threads, giving the rug an exciting surface and texture.

Line Table | Craster

This compact, versatile conference table system is available in a variety of shapes and finishes with separate indestructible tabletops, an intuitive locking system, ergonomic grips for easy set-up, breakdown and change over with no tools required, and all fitting easily in a self-contained storage trolley.

Teppich Stamp | HEY-SIGN

The eye-catching hole pattern designed by Wiebke Hoffmann is what makes this felt area rug a standout. Available in various thicknesses and even custom patterns.