Domotex: Sometimes Less is The Right Amount

Overall, the 2020 edition of Domotex in Hannover showcased more subtle design motifs with almost muted colour palettes than in previous shows, meaning there was less attention-seeking flash and instead more emphasis on warm and organic designs.

Theo Silvery Squares | Asiatic Carpets London

This handwoven kilim rug is made in India from 60 per cent wool, 30 per cent viscose and 10 per cent cotton in silver with an anthracite geometric dotted pattern of raised viscose.

Purple Abrash | Kirkit Rugs
Winner of the Istanbul Young Designers’ Contest, the Purple Abrash is taking its inspiration from the galaxy and the night sky. This flat-weave kilim rug is attaining its vivid variegated colours through the abrash technique, a natural colour variation obtained through vegetable dyes.

Shahnameh | Lila Valadan

Inspired by classical Persian rugs from the city of Tabriz as well as Shahnameh, an 11th century epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi, this uniquely designed rug is made from Persian highland wool and Chinese silk using natural dyes.

 Eye-Dazzler | Zollanvari

Combining Navajo weaving traditions found in the northern Mexican settlement of Saltillo with traditional flatweave rug techniques and aesthetics of northern Persia in interesting ways, this colourful Baneh Kilim rug stitches together four separate pieces made of hand-spun vegetable-dyed highland wool from the Zagros Mountains of Iran.


Indigo Flow | Michelle Mohr

Made of very rare Rhoen wool from a small region in Hesse, Germany, this macramé style knotted design blends various hand-dyed indigo colours into a much firmer and less elastic rug than weaving techniques would allow. The knotting design also offers the ability of either rug side to be used as a display, with the variations giving two unique looks.

Stripes Olive | Creative Matters

Part of the Stacked Collection, this handwoven dhurrie, a traditional South Asian flat-woven rug by Canadian company Creative Matters, is layered and stitched together in a combination of wool with linen and cotton detail to create a unique pattern and overall design, which can be customized in colour, pattern and size.


Designer Heike Kobusch was looking for a way to find more uses for recycled paper and teamed up with Rodenborg and wallpaper manufacturer Erfurt to create Paprfloor, a perfect environmental solution engineered specifically for temporary spaces such as pop-up stores or trade shows.

EasyMe | Rugstar

A collaboration with Portland’s Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs and Michael Howells Architecture + Design, these hand-knotted Persian weave rugs come in nine different designs from 100 per cent wool or a wool/silk mix and made in Jaipur, the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan.