Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited and Wonder Incorporated unveil OUTSIDE the Box

Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited has collaborated with Wonder Incorporated to create a modular ‘front of classroom’ teaching support unit designed to facilitate healthy, fresh air education during COVID-19 called OUTSIDE the Box.

Bird’s Eye View. Photo credit: Weiss A+U.

With two back to back outdoor classrooms, the space can be easily placed down on school lots or fields. It is a lockable unit that swings open to provide generous chalk and whiteboard presentation surfaces.

Inside the unit, closets and cabinets provide teachers with storage and organizational space for stackable desks, recycling bins, and other items.

Perspective View 1. Photo credit: Weiss A+U.
Perspective View 2. Photo credit: Weiss A+U.

OUTSIDE the Box is equipped for best practice student and staff hygiene practices and COVID-19 precautions. Bright, graphically marked hand cleaning stations are provided on the exterior for easy and safe access by the students.

The interior is fitted with a Cleaning Centre to wipe down chairs, assignments, and supplies commonly handled by students and staff. An Assignment Chute provides a safe, physically distanced way for students to turn in work.

OUTSIDE the Box is a bright and colourful unit that can be customized for each site or client. It durable design provides a practical and alternate solution for facilities where the interior environments may not be able to provide the indoor air quality needed.

Plan Diagram. Photo credit: Weiss A+U.