Keilhauer dedicates resources to manufacture PPE

In early May, Keilhauer began helping hospitals manage the spread of COVID-19 for patients and front-line staff by dedicating its resources to manufacture PPE through its Gown program.

Keilhauer and its select team of world-class sewers — who are dedicated fulltime to creating these in-demand coverings — have been approved as a manufacturer in the emergency supply chain for Class 1 Hospital Gowns.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

“Our purpose at Keilhauer is to Make Work Comfortable For All – and right now, the need to feel comfortable, safe and protected at work has never been more important for healthcare staff,” says Keilhauer.

Keilhauer has also taken steps to protect healthcare staff from infection themselves, and have dedicated one of its 3D printers to producing face shields. The company states that it is distributing these PPE to various hospitals and medical facilities in communities.

In support of the number of COVID-19 cases in New York, home to one of Keilhauer’s three permanent showrooms, the company sponsored Indiewalls, a NYC-based art consultancy that supports the careers of 3,500+ independent artists, to support their #GiveASign project.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer
Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

“We commissioned a 25’W x 8’H mural reading ‘We Thank You,’ outside New York Presbyterian Hospital in Lower Manhattan, New York. The vibrant mural, created by Artist Andrea von Bujdoss (AKA Queen Andrea) of Super Fresh Design, is affixed to the hospital’s wall at the employee entrance as a long-term fixture,” says Keilhauer.

According to Keilhauer, the custom artwork and message of gratitude have also being printed on 300+ cards have been delivered to hospital staff.

“It is our hope that this initiative will help these heroes to feel appreciated, add some beauty to the daily lives of local residents, and financially support the incredible talent of the New York Arts and Design community,” says Keilhauer.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer