Caramba launches sustainable made-in-Canada furniture collection

Victoria-based furniture company, Caramba, debuted its made-in-Canada, flat-pack, direct to consumer business, which features a collection of tables, seating, and decor made with sustainable birch hardwood core Europly.

Photo by Javier Wainstein

“We’re beyond excited to be launching Caramba,” says designer and co-founder Cristian Arostegui G. “It’s been my dream to create a line of furniture that was practical and affordable, but also modern, minimal and made locally from beautiful and long-lasting materials.”

Caramba Furniture is designed for modern homes and lifestyles. Most pieces are multi-purpose, whether it’s a stool that gets used as a table, or coffee tables that can be nested together to create more surface area.

The idea of Caramba was conceived when friend and co- founder Adam Gilmer expressed a desire for modern furniture that you could furnish a home without breaking the bank.

Photo by Jon Mcmorran

With Arostegui experience owning a luxury furniture company of the same name since 2014 and Gilmer’s background as a small business starter and design admirer, entrepreneur Andrew Wilkinson rounds out the trio as an investor.

“One of the best things about being a direct-to-consumer company is that each piece can be made to order, then checked by hand before it gets shipped out from our Vancouver Island studio,” says Gilmer. “We designed all of our furniture to pack flat to reduce the carbon emissions produced during traditional furniture shipping.”

Caramba started as a friction fit, no hardware concept, but after initial prototypes, the duo decided to use some hardware to increase the durability and longevity of their products. “Each shipment arrives with any hardware it needs and a small tool for a ridiculously easy assembly process,” says Gilmer.

“Using sustainable material was non-negotiable, but that alone wasn’t enough for us—local, ethical and efficient manufacturing was always going to be part of the Caramba equation,” says Arostegui. “Plus we wanted to be able to work closely with our production partner so we can continue to create new pieces and evolve our offering.”

Photo by Jon Mcmorran