Spec Furniture introduces two new models to its Hardi Line

Spec furniture introduces two new models of smaller scale children’s, and adult size lounge club chairs from the company’s Hardi Line.

“Spec pays special attention to healthcare and behavioral health. From mental health and psychiatric facilities to hospitals, waiting rooms, and other healthcare settings, we’ve furnished countless environments with products that have safety at their core and warmth in their style,” says Spec.

Photo courtesy of Spec
Photo courtesy of Spec

Presented three years ago, the Hardi line has grabbed the attention of some of the largest hospital systems in the country. With eye-catching aesthetics, this collection, designed by Mike Shields, includes a lounge and dining chair, rocker and stool.

“Both models are a result of the market needing quality and aesthetically-pleasing solutions for their spaces,” says Chris Benjamin, Design Leader at Spec. “The Children’s chair caters to Behavioral Health facilities to create comfortable and flexible family areas. The Club Chair creates a seamless transition between armrests and the back, reducing ligature risk. These are thoughtful designs driven by customer demand”.

The Hardi Children’s chair is shipping now, while the Hardi Club chair will begin shipping on December 31, 2020.