AMEICO introduces new lighting design brands

As a distributor of a highly curated and exciting collection of contemporary designs from leading designers, AMEICO’s new lighting designs represent a range of creativity and craftsmanship.

The collections include fixtures from BEEM, Le Klint, Made by Hand and Midgard’s re-edition of the Bauhaus favorite TYP 113 lamp.


BEEM’s modern, nuanced and graphic bulb design is a collaboration between award-winning industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson and experienced lighting entrepreneurs Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra. Designed to be endlessly configurable and engineered to emit a constant (and dimmable) warm glow, BEEM lights are made by hand and manufactured to maximize sustainability and longevity.

BEEM uses borosilicate glass for the brand’s glass tubes, the bulbs use the latest flexible LED filaments, industrial ceramic is used for moulded parts, and polycarbonate is used for the complexity of Curli’s never-ending twisting form.

Le Klint is a Danish lighting company that is recognized for its commitment to craftsmanship since its inception in the 1940s.

Beginning with Danish architect and engineer P.V. Jensen-Klint’s hand-pleated shade, constructed to soften the blaze of a paraffin oil lamp, the company has contributed to the history of design and lighting technology across the 20th century and into the 21st.

Le Klint

Made by Hand is a Danish design brand that celebrates luxury in craftsmanship. Always guided by a passion for natural materials and permanence, Made by Hand’s lighting collections include The Knit-Wit collection and The Workshop Lamp collection.

The knitted materiality of the Knit-Wit lamps distribute light through the yarn’s pattern, making each lamp distinctive and decorative. Further, without cutoffs across the lamps’ design, there is no knit/yarn waste in the production of these lights.

The Workshop Lamp collection takes the original design from A. Wedel-Madsen to create a design that in style, expression and function, unites modern and contemporary design values.

Midgard is a German design brand known for being the inventor of the adjustable light. A favourite of the Bauhaus, Midgard lights in the twentieth century graced workrooms and personal homes of many Bauhaus members. Midgard produces three lamp ranges: the Midgard modular system, spring-loaded lamps and the K831. All made in Germany, the manufacture of these lighting solutions use many of the original twentieth century tools.