Work From Home: Get Used to It, pt. 2

For when the couch or dining room chair isn't cutting it anymore…

Picnic | Allsteel

Part of the Townhall Collection designed by Rainlight Studio, this group of seated-height and standing-height tables, benches, and stool turns underutilized, out-of-the-way spaces into active enclaves that support multiple work modes and the changing postures necessary for sustained work.

360° Container | Magis

This deskside storage unit on wheels by Konstantin Grcic is now available in a new range of colours: bordeaux, pink, blue, yellow, and green. These drawer units are available in two heights (five or 10 drawers), and as the name suggests, each storage level can fully spin around the aluminum tube for easy access.

QuickStand Eco | Humanscale

A great option for first-time standing desk users or for those looking for a portable option that rests on any flat surface (an existing desk, table, or even a kitchen counter) Compatible with laptops, single or dual monitors. and moves effortlessly with users as they go from sitting to standing, or vice versa.

FR500 | Humanscale

The smooth curvature encourages users to get their legs and feet moving, providing support for the lower back, promotes circulation and allowing users to sit for extended periods without fatigue or discomfort.

NJP | Louis Poulsen

An ergonomic arm/stand design by Nendo delivers great freedom of movement and provides direct glare-free horizontal light while reflecting some of the light through the rear of the head, illuminating the top of the arm. Available in table, floor, and wall styles in black, white, and gray.

BuzziTripl | BuzziSpace

This privacy panel system uses BuzziSpace’s patented acoustical felt material seen on all its other product lines, and is divided into two main categories: Desk, for the office; and Home, to help eliminate that visual and audio distractions that inevitably pop-up during those now ubiquitous Zoom video calls.