Ketra launches a new lighting system and software platform

Ketra has introduced its most significant lighting system release since its acquisition by Lutron in April 2018. The system reflects the shared expertise of the two lighting industry services with a software platform that connects Ketra light sources to Lutron controls and retooled technology in each light source.

Ketra’s Natural Light, shown during three times of day. The LEDs change colour temperature according to the corresponding colour of sunlight, which shifts throughout the day.

“When Ketra entered the market ten years ago, the company set the bar with its ability to precisely mimic sunlight, completely transforming how people experience light. It’s this spirit of innovation that has driven Ketra to the forefront of the industry,” said Horace Ho, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ketra, a Lutron Electronics company. “The combination of Lutron’s best-in-class controls and shading solutions and Ketra’s bold and beautiful light changes the paradigm of how we experience indoor environments. We will continue to invest heavily in R&D to ensure that Ketra remains on the cutting edge as our technologies evolve.”

The launch of a new product portfolio and software program brings an even larger offering of cutting-edge capabilities by transforming the interior design statement, creating a desired ambiance, bringing artwork to life, and enhancing one’s appearance relative to beauty and fashion.

Ketra’s unique warm dim creates a soothing, peaceful ambiance.

With the Next-Generation Ketra Lighting platform, homeowners can control the colour and intensity of up to 200 light sources. The software offers a more responsive, personalized and smoother control experience than its previous iteration with the voice control and smart device control addition.

For interior design, Ketra’s Natural Light mimics the exact colour temperature and intensity of sunlight, which dynamically shifts throughout the day to help homeowners and guests feel more connected to nature.

Homeowners can adjust Ketra to a bright, cool white to boost a sense of productivity, or soften lights to a warm amber glow to create a more intimate or tranquil atmosphere. Ketra’s LED lighting emits deep, warm colours at low dimming levels, rivaling the warmth of a candle’s flame.

Ketra’s advanced control enables “Vibrancy,” a visual effect that changes how the colours of artwork appear by reflecting light differently. Similar to applying a “photo filter in real life,” Ketra’s Vibrancy transforms the perceived hues, presenting them as subdued and muted or bold and saturated. This feature, completely unique to Ketra, unlocks true colors in one’s favorite piece of art, furnishings, and other decorative objects.

100% Vibrancy and 0% Vibrancy