Marrimor Objects Debuts a line of “Nice Things for Nonconformists”

Marrimor Objects is a new collection by design duo Tanja Hinder and Lauren Bugliarisi that features playful yet luxe interior products under the tagline “Nice Things for Nonconformists”.

The stars of the new collection, Toof and Toss, showcase the pair’s adoration of colour, texture and juxtaposition while embracing a blend of refinement and irreverence.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring our first line of products to market with the debut of Marrimor Objects,” says Marrimor Partner Lauren Bugliarisi. “We saw a need for an object like Toof in interior spaces and Toss emerged from that process. Both objects represent our passion for mixing and matching colors, textures and materials, and we hope they can provide our customers with as much joy as we’ve experienced bringing them to life.”

Nestled together, the two parts of Toof (table and pouf) offer a fun take on a rounded side table with a mix of soft and hard materials. Pull them apart and an ottoman emerges while the table remains.

Photo by Carl Ostberg

With a design inspired by the pull top of a vintage Coke can, Toof embraces complex curves in a spirited mix of 10 vibrant colourways and textiles.

The base is made from sheen powder-coated metal and the pouf incorporates an array of textured textiles, including alpaca, wool, linen, mohair, velvet and boucle.

Driven by a love of mixed materials, Tanja and Lauren designed Toss as “Toof’s cousin” – perfect for the sofa or armchair in need of a little life and colour. These toss pillows embrace the juxtaposition between contrasting hues and textures for a look that’s both a little playful and luxe.

Marrimor Objects Toss Stacked

Toss is available in five colour combinations, pairing cayenne velvet with white faux fur, moss green velvet with a multitone neutral, yellow boucle with soft white cotton, teal boucle with salt and pepper wool, and a pairing of gold and pink boucle.

Marrimor Objects are made to be as delightful as they are purposeful, with a touch of provocative as well. Each piece comes into being by way of a relentlessly collaborative process.

“Lauren and I find our passion in creating solutions that combine form and function for interior spaces,” says co-founder Tanja Hinder. “We’ve always identified as product designers first and foremost. Marrimor Objects is a passion project for us; creating an outlet to explore and experiment with our love of product design.”