Allseating Launches Safe Seating Solutions for the Office

While some employers are adding dividers between desks, and others are splitting desks up and spreading them across the previously designated break out spaces, Allseating has been exploring seating arrangements that lead to a one-stop-shop solution: the Exchange Collection.

Post-COVID-19 Exchange Configurations

According to Allseating, the collection is a modular soft-seating system with over 180,000 possible seating configurations. Whether employers are seeking dividers, physical space, or want to try out their options before making a concrete decision, Exchange matches the various workplace needs by giving companies the flexibility to make an informed decision for the wellbeing of their office.

The configurations include:

  • Screens and Barriers: Companies can maintain their open office concept while still ensuring the safety of their employees. Screens and barriers can easily be swapped out, cleaned, and/or removed as needed.
  • Sectional Seating: While many are moving away from this concept, Allseating has conceptualized ways to maintain it. Removable seat and back covers, the addition of middle tables, and alternative layouts for the sectional seating such as added curves can all make this concept CDC compliant and comfortable.
  • Isolated Areas: Exchange Work Pods are another safe option for companies to incorporate into their office floor plan. Work Pods are isolated with built-in power, feature cleanable laminate surfaces and have screens to maintain social distancing.