Riding Out A Pandemic: Innovation Suite, 10 York

The Innovation Suite is a 2,000-sq.-ft. space in Tridel’s new condominium at 10 York Street, equipped with every state-of-the-art, programmable, multifunction gadget you could name for 21st-century living (and probably quite a few you couldn’t), making it just about as fine a space as you could find yourself in while holding out for better days. The suite has a wealth of extremely cool features, but there are several that seem especially well-suited for pandemic living.

All major home functions, including audio/video, lights, shades, temperature, alarm security, and more, are controllable by voice, app or wall pad, reducing the need to physically touch surfaces. Some functions in the bathroom and bedroom are also voice-controlled, including the shower and even the smart mirror lighting. The kitchen has plenty of storage and large-capacity appliances, perfect for stocking the pantry with food and reducing grocery-store runs.

There’s plenty to do here during a lockdown, thanks to extensive built-in entertainment and activity facilities. The sound system can be voice-activated from anywhere in the suite. Along with an ultra short-throw laser projector in the central living area, there’s a 48” HD-TV in the den for Netflix, gaming or to watch while working out, and a third built in to the wall of the master bedroom (above an electric fireplace that uses mist and special lighting to create its “flames,” and may be a bit more calming to watch than the nightly news).

But no matter how beautiful the indoor environment may be, sooner or later you’ll still want to step outside – onto either of two balconies, where you can enjoy a breath of the outside world, all without leaving the comfort of the suite.

Photography Courtesy of Tridel