CARVART introduces its modularBATH concept

On the heels of its award-winning glassSCREEN>Shield line, CARVART is launching its new modularBATH concept of commercial bath products to create one comprehensive, pre-fabricated solution

The series is an all-in-one bathroom system that includes cubicles, integrated sinks, wall cladding, and lockers, together with its new integrated plumbing system.

Courtesy of CARVART

Produced by a single-source manufacturer, the material palette and engineered systems work together to create an elegant space and expedite coordination and timing, while promoting a safer work environment by limiting the number of people needed on site. According to the company, all finish products, framing and plumbing, leading up to the existing plumbing lines, is cut to size prior to arriving on-site.

CARVART’s design team will collaborate with designers, contractors, developers and alike, to craft a cohesive material arrangement of glass, cHPL, and stone (porcelain) that will be carried throughout the modularBATH products, and coordinated in 3D BIM models.

CARVART now features an antibacterial coating that is integral to the cHPL finishes and adds extra protection that makes the laminate more resistant to bacteria. This feature, along with touchless functionality, cater to the growing need for hygienic, protective and easy to clean products, especially in high-traffic areas such as commercial bathrooms.

“Everyday surfaces have never received more attention than now, as COVID-19 has sparked significant discussion around potential solutions that can help protect individuals, both immediately and for years to come,” says CARVART CEO Edward Geyman. “It is critical that employees and the general public are provided with safe and healthy solutions, so it’s an honor to introduce our new all-in-one modularBATH line that can help protect people through its antibacterial and touchless properties while still offering a standout design.”

modularBATH Collection
Engineered for ease of installation with ergonomic and light-weight materials that are easily retrofitted, adjusted and sequenced, modularBATH accommodates designers, facility managers, and installers.

Rendering courtesy of CARVART

Lamishield with BioCote is CARVART’s latest, FDA approved, antibacterial technology in commercial bath products, specifically made to protect its laminated cHPL variations, reducing the level of bacteria up to 99 per cent on these surfaces, according to the company. The antibacterial protection is fully incorporated into the decorative layer, leaving the crisp aesthetic of laminated cHPL intact while its hydrophilic properties provide users with a sanitary surface. The company also states that specified glass materials are naturally anti-porous and resistant to bacteria.


Courtesy of CARVART

With many unique cubicle solutions including glassBOX, glassENCLOSE, chplBOX, chplENCLOSE, stoneBOX and stoneENCLOSE, this robust commercial bath series emphasizes hygiene, function and quality while also offering a variety of options for designers to specify and customize. Touchless sensors are included on the cubicle doors to reduce the number of touch-points users interact with.

Courtesy of CARVART

The automatic door opener allows users to wave their hand in from of a closed door to open safely without touching a handle. Tempered laminated glass and cHPL, and stone (porcelain) panels provide lasting durability to withstand high traffic areas without compromising design. glassBOX, chplBOX, and stoneBOX come in several standard heights and focus on component flexibility and low maintenance; whereas glassENCLOSE, chplENCLOSE, and stoneENCLOSE demonstrate the same qualities but instead are completely flush allowing for a more streamlined aesthetic.


Courtesy of CARVART

Sleek and Italian-designed, Integra is an electronic self-sufficient system that includes a mirror, glass or solid surface sink basin, faucets, and a high-tech Multiconsole>A that provide a durable, and practical piece. Integra’s smooth, flowing basin shape alludes to the fluidity of water harmoniously juxtaposing the geometric lines and chromed surfaces of the touchless sensor-activated soap dispenser, faucet, and dryer fixtures. All mechanical elements of the trough-type basin are recessed behind the backsplash for a streamlined appearance. Non-touch hardware, and LED indicators in the LED back-lit mirror offer hygienic benefits while remaining a focal element of the design.

CARVART’s wall cladding system is available in many of the same materials and finishes as the rest of the modularBATH collection, allowing for the entire space to be designed in one cohesive  style.

Courtesy of CARVART

The material palette showcased here can be used to specify any of the materials for modularBATH components such as the cubicles, integrated sinks, wall cladding, and lockers. The glass, cHPL and stone (porcelain) wall panel variations are the most popular choices to create a clean allure for an oasis-like space.

CARVART’s glassLOCKERS and chplLOCKERS product line follows the same symmetrical philosophy as the entire modularBATH collection. The glass and cHPL locker series were devised to furnish and embellish changing rooms by paying special attention to creating harmony between the locker’s structural strength and its refined design.

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, CARVART will be including this antibacterial coating at no additional cost for projects that are specified or installed in 2020.