Keilhauer releases a 13 piece soft-contract collection

Keilhauer’s newest 13 piece soft-contract collection explores comfort by inducing a state of relaxation for brainstorming, ideation and creativity.

Designed by EOOS for Keilhauer, the Wunder collection provides a multifaceted solution to the evolving needs of today’s workplace to develop distanced, pop up work areas, communal lounge and break out areas.

Courtesy of Keilhauer

“We know our clients are looking for more value than ever – furnishings that can serve double duty. Staff need to be kept distanced but, down the road, able to reconnect and collaborate,” says Keilhauer President, Mike Keilhauer. “Wunder is a beautiful, soft-contract response to this challenge. Each piece can be separated to create a private lounge/work space, and, when the time is right, it can be easily arranged to bring teams back together.”

Whether used to create a socially distanced work pod or expansive lounge, Wunder brings a feeling of ease with it. The strong, significant outline of the shell juxtaposes the inviting, voluminous cushion. This combination of features communicates “work in comfort,” alongside an intriguing balance of angular, architectural shapes and organic, swooping curves.

Careful proportions, slim wooden legs, and a confined footprint maintain a feeling of lightness and warmth to ensure Wunder leaves space feeling open, inviting and free.

Inspired by Keilhauer’s commitment to Bring Comfort To All, EOOS’ design focuses on this concept. “The whole series is designed around the cushion,” says Martin Bergmann of EOOS. “The cushion is the sign for comfort and where our eyes are drawn. We created the shell to provide a strong profile and help define the cushion in the chair and in space. The Wunder chair presents the cushion as if to say: Welcome, and sit down.” 

Wunder’s stools, side chairs, lounge seating, and conference table can work as independent solutions, or be combined to create work, lounge or breakout spaces.

Courtesy of Keilhauer

The Wunder Conference Table provides a perfect surface for productive work. It mirrors the architectural structure and materials of Wunder’s seating with minimal weight – resulting in a simple, elegant, and light table. When social distancing needs eventually wane, it can comfortably accommodate gatherings of up to six people to create a relaxed and inviting meeting area.

To dial it down and encourage relaxation, the Wunder Full Lounge chair is the ultimate respite. The contoured chair provides a feeling similar to a deep, relaxing lounger while maintaining a small scale. The outer shell creates a protective cover while the interior cushion cradles. Cushion and shell can be upholstered in two different upholstery options.

The individual seats such as the Wunder Side Chair, Lounge Chair, Full Lounge Chair, and Bar Stool can be easily adjusted to create socially distant work spaces and team discussion areas. When anchored by the Wunder Conference Table or Two Seater Bench, Wunder can facilitate a high-energy, inviting collaboration hub.