Studio Italia Design rebrands and launches new lighting lines

Venice-based Lodes is a new Italian lighting brand that until recently was known as Studio Italia Design, and to coincide with the rebrand the company has introduced three new lines.

Designed by the brand’s Design Curator, Luca Nichetto, in celebration of the company’s 70th anniversary, the Jefferson Suspension Lamp is a reinterpretation of a vortex pattern typical of Bohemian crystal. Created through a special pressing technique that imprints details on the crystal surface, the fixture is suspended from a thin yet strong Kevlar-reinforced cable that allows for the diffusion of a warm and elegant illumination that extends 360 degrees.

Standard sizes include the Jefferson mini, which consists of two elliptical crystal diffusers joined on the black chrome frame so that when lit, the undulating pattern on the crystal bodies appear to spin.

Easy Peasy

Also designed by Luca Nichetto, this set of portable and rechargeable table lamps, consisting of two rounded elements, a body and a handle, come in a sculptural form reminiscent of the shape of bells. Its portability, different shapes and colours, and the dim-to-warm functionality of its light source allow users to connect, play and interact with the variable configuration options.

Available in four colour combinations, the body of the lamp features a metal base housing the LED light source and a diffuser wrapped by a glass bell which filters the light. On top, a distinctive solid rounded handle allows users to carry the lamp, to turn it on and off, and to dim the intensity and warmth of the light.

As the handle is rotated, the manual control of the dim-to-warm LED technology is enhanced by a retro-style click signalling the light variation. The micro-USB socket at the base enables users to recharge the battery, allowing multiple uses in different environments and settings.

Random Solo

Designed by Chia-Ying Lee, Random Solo progresses the design of the existing Random range by isolating the original three-piece cluster and adding two new spherical, blown-glass lamps. Resembling the form of floating bubbles, the individual lights come in diameters of 4.72, 5.5, 7, 9 and 11 inches, as well as five different finishes. Each glass diffuser integrates an LED light source that provides a warm white light and comes in different finish options (clear, chrome, gold, rose gold, glossy smoke).