Humanscale lends ergonomic expertise to new computer mouse

In a partnership with Razer, a lifestyle brand for gamers and esports communities, Humanscale has applied their ergonomic expertise to a new computer mouse, the Razer Pro Click, as part of the new Razer X Productivity Suite.

Designed to minimize the health risks associated with long-term mousing, including Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the Pro Click mouse is ergonomically contoured to position the user’s wrist at a neutral 30-degree angle, preventing discomfort and injuries associated with wrist pronation. Accommodating the ideal comfort zones for both small and large hands, it incorporates extended palm, thumb, and pinky supports to fully cradle the entire hand, thus minimizing contact stress with the desk and alleviating hand and arm strain.

“At Humanscale, our goal is to make work life healthier and more comfortable,” says Allan Escoto, Global Product Director, Monitor Arms & Technology Solutions at Humanscale. “This collaboration with Razer gave us the opportunity to create an advanced design that reflects the nuances of ergonomics based on our extensive experience.  As such, the Razer Pro Click wireless mouse leverages ergonomics for a healthier and more accurate computing experience.”

The other peripherals in the Razer X Productivity Suite include the Pro Type keyboard and the Pro Glide surface, offering comfortable, durable and high-performance tools for work.