BIFMA creates a guide for freestanding space-dividing products

Photo of Loop Solo QS courtesy of onetwosix design agency

BIFMA’s Subcommittee for Building Codes has created a guide for freestanding, fully-enclosed, occupiable, space-dividing products called the “BIFMA Pods-2020”.

Over the past eight months, forty-five subcommittee and industry stakeholders conducted reviews of this North American guide to ensure that the requirements were sound and safety for the user was considered.

Pods create work space alternatives for individuals seeking flexibility and variety in choosing a setting best suited to their work style and task at hand.

In support of their growing application, BIFMA is pleased to announce the approval and release of this new, voluntary, safety and performance guideline.

BIFMA Pods-2020 covers a variety of product criteria including acoustics, electrical, emissions, ventilation, fire safety, stability, seismic, and other considerations. Copies of the new guide are available from BIFMA immediately.