Space Copenhagen launches three products with Danish brand Fredericia

Danish design studio, Space Copenhagen, has released new products for family-owned Danish brand Fredericia as part of their Complements range, a line of material-driven objects conceived as collector pieces.

Comprised of The Sequoia Pouf, the Fellow Lamp and the Meadow Lamp, these designs draw on Space Copenhagen’s meticulous attention to detail in creating well-considered, sculptural pieces that are refined and enduring.

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The quintessential Sequoia tunnel tree was the design inspiration for the company’s Sequoia Pouf. In contrast to the gigantic American redwood, the Sequoia Pouf is compact, moveable and versatile. Sequoia features soft contours and a feeling of seamless upholstery in flat woven wool, bouclé or fluffy sheepskin.

Sequoia Pouf, courtesy of

Key to the Sequoia Pouf’s distinctive appeal is the sculptural shape with its curved edges. The multi-purpose structure is ideal as a stool or a place to put a book, as well as a decorative element for hotels, retail venues, commercial settings and residences.

Space Copenhagen sought to create a simple, intuitive composition for Fellow from two soft, distinctive, organic-shaped elements. The base of the table lamp, which also doubles as a sculpture, is made from solid limestone, which renders it visually and technically static.

Fellow Lamp, courtesy of

The limestone features a variety of sediments that add depth and attest to its natural origins. In contrast, the shade is made of powder- coated metal that is flexible. It can be adjusted to create different moods as part of the visual language, from curious when fully extended to shy when turned towards the base.

Meadow Lamp, courtesy of

Made from solid stone, glass and brass, Meadow is a table lamp that balances materiality with light. A simple composition of a dome-shaped shade that is mirrored in the more diminutive stone base gives Meadow an organic, unassuming look.

Meadow is able to add a gentle illumination to commercial and hospitality settings, and private homes. Like the Fellow Lamp, emphasis is placed on two contrasting materials that are incorporated into the look and the functionality of the design.