Studio d’Armes unveils a contemporary lighting system

Etat-des-Lieux, a contemporary lighting system defined by its variable silhouette, pays homage to the scenic mountains surrounding Studio d’Armes’ Morin-Heights, Quebec office.

Photo credit: Laurier Verdaguer

The system’s innovative design concept offers various light and shape modulation options that are infused with precision and poetry.

According to the design studio, Etat-des-Lieux is the only lighting system to feature a wide, flexible, conductive cable. Designed and manufactured exclusively for Etat-des-Lieux, it supports the light modules while supplying them with power. Elegantly finished in matte black, the cable’s flexibility enables the spatial designer to create a variety of configurations by playing with geometry and tension.

The hand-blown glass globe is available in 4 colours (transparent, pink, gray, and amber) in clear or frosted finishes. The globe houses the light module, made of anodized aluminum and frosted glass. The module can be positioned to direct light downward or up toward the ceiling.

Etat-des-Lieux delivers high quality (>93 CRI), powerful LED lighting at 1288 lumens per module. Users can adjust the light temperature from warm white (2700 Kelvin) to cool white (4000 Kelvin). Also, dimming controls can be used to warm the light (“dim to warm”, 2200 Kelvin) or to revert to the initial temperature, depending on the setting chosen.

Clean-lined and aesthetically spare, the versatile structure can be configured according to the demands of any public or residential space, with multitudinous light modules that create a monumental and striking centerpiece.