Canada Goose SKP Concept Store, Beijing

GH+A Design Studios, Montréal

Photography: Zhong Hai

Working in conjunction with the Canada Goose store development team, the goal was to inject the Canadian mythos of “Northward” into the competitive Chinese retail landscape. Dazzled by jagged ice and rock motifs suggestive of the Canadian Arctic, shoppers in Beijing’s Shin Kong Place mall are surrounded by organic faceted walls composed of troweled concrete panels, while moody black niches frame the products. Dominating the space is a ceiling art installation created by Shanghai-born Chinese-American artist Juju Wang, who was inspired by the glacial lakes and frozen expanse of northern Canada. “The fragmented design aesthetic of the architecture is carried into the all-white product display plinths which appear to rise organically form the matching flooring,” say the designers. “This effect creates a striking monolithic environment that appears to have been chiseled from a single block of stone and ice.”