Constantini Ltd. Corporate Offices, Vancouver

RUFproject, Vancouver

Photography: Ema Peter

Occupying half of the ninth floor of a new office building in downtown Vancouver, a successful family owned agribusiness focused on trading, logistics and processing was in the midst of a transition from father to son, which gave the company and the design team the opportunity to explore a new chapter for the office environment. Utilizing classic lines and refined materials juxtaposed with curved organic forms and progressive lighting, the designers jettisoned the use of walls, instead balancing open spaces with defined meeting and break out spaces through millwork. The boardroom is made from sections of curved overlapping glass and walnut panels giving the space a simultaneously open yet intimate expression. Being family run is important to the company, both in function and presentation, so totems such as a family table and fully functioning kitchen with bar capacity were given pride of place, as the social nucleus within which camaraderie is strengthened.

  • Electrical Engineer : AES Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineer : AME Group
  • Contractor: Priority Projects Ltd.
  • Audio Visual: Genesis Integration Inc.