Felt Collection

Stacklab, Toronto

Photography: Rajeshta Julatum

Anyone who has been following the work of this aggressively innovative design troop should immediately recognize this collection as a defining part of the Stacklab family. Or better yet, an evolution of the family, as pieces have been coming out regularly starting with the bench (2017), then stools (2018), side tables (2019), and to top it off, the newly launched chair series (2020). Stacklab works with two regional Merino wool manufacturers, one in Toronto and the other in Upstate New York, to take surplus off-cut and end-of-bolt felted wool out of the waste stream and (with the help of Toronto metal manufacturers) turn them into furniture.

“The Felt Collection is one of our many ongoing case studies that identify inherent inefficiencies in regional manufacturing methods and provide a use scenario for waste products,” says the firm. “Our goal is to contribute to the industry by looking critically at how things are made, offer strategic initiatives that result in better efficiency, and expand material life cycles and market opportunities.”