Hillpark Capital, Montréal

TBA | Thomas Balaban Architect, Montréal

Photography: TBA

When your workforce is young and millennial-skewed, the trend these days is to present an office environment that hews fairly close to a home aesthetic popular in tech companies. But if your industry is conservative, that is not necessarily the direction to take. So, for this young real estate company, the designers chose a more gallery type paradigm that utilizes the low-rise building’s unique 1970s pre-cast openings. The ribbon of truncated diamond shaped windows provides both graphic continuity and abundant natural light to the shallow floorplate. Below the windows, refurbished fin tube radiators are dressed in continuous custom covers that add a clever transition from the clean white walls to the hectic aggregate of the polished floor. That original concrete floor is juxtaposed by new minimal surfaces and complemented by modern furniture pieces, walnut paneling, and a conference room partition filtered by CNC perforated panels that mimic the tree canopy surrounding the office.