Minéral, Montréal

Blanchette Architectes, Montréal

Photography: Atelier Welldone

When the clients asked for a wine bar by day and a nightclub by night, the architects imagined an evolving scenic design where sound, light and colours emanate from the architecture like raw materials in a way that creates three distinct ambiances that succeed each other as the night goes on, staying with guests from their first after-work cocktail until late at night. Light shows are projected onto wall-mounted canvases, reminiscent of art installations like those of James Turrell, while throughout the rest of the space materials such as wood, metal, leather and polycarbonate were used as the backdrop for the dramatic lighting. The bar itself is rendered in black-lacquered wood, and an imposing, Japanese-inspired wooden ceiling structure is a nod to wine cellars. Plants growing between the polycarbonate panels complete the scene and help create a dreamy, mysterious landscape.