Mujosh, Richmond Hill

Mujosh design team, executed by / in co-operation with Studio Yimu & designer Zoe Lee

Photography: Naomi Finlay / Scott Norsworthy

Breaking away from traditional eyeglasses display designs seen in malls – bright white surfaces cluttered with intimidating displays – this store employs a warmer, more welcoming palette to attract a younger, hip crowd. The two main design features of the store are the island to showcase Mujosh’s best-selling product, and a cashier desk at the back surrounded by a feature wood panel engraved with subtle line drawings showcasing the product. The space conveys the brand’s typical colour palette: wood sets the overall tone; gold outlining the contours; and teal green dotted in it. The gold accents highlight the storefront, frame the display fixture, ceiling design and then blend into decorative details, while stylish terrazzo flooring adds a luxurious yet calming aura. Then to top it off, metal and leather signage is slyly incorporated, giving a slight whiff of vintage to the space.