Next Generation WashBar

Bradley Corp., Mequon, WI., U.S.A.

Sculpturally exotic furniture tends to dominate product design awards, but often attention gets diverted when environmental conditions change, such as a growing focus on hygiene due to a viral pandemic. Bring high-design and technological innovation to a product category that is directly affected by issues of hygiene, and you will certainly attract the interest of interior designers. Such is the case with this public restroom faucet, the result of a collaboration between German industrial design outfit platinumdesign and U.S. manufacturer Bradley Corp., both specialists in lavatory fixtures. Made of durable chrome-plated cast alloy, the WashBar features LED-lit icons on top of the bar to visually orient the user through a no-touch handwashing process. With only one connection point, the L-shaped design gives the fixture a sleek floating aesthetic above the basin. By integrating touch-free handwashing technology, common restroom touchpoints are eliminated while also keeping water inside the bowl instead of splashing onto the floor or walls, thereby making restrooms dryer and reducing cross-contamination of germs.