Smith Residence, rural Nova Scotia

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, Halifax

Photography: Doublespace Photography

A vacation home perched on a stone acropolis, the project consists of three structures: a day pavilion; night pavilion; and shed. The day pavilion contains the social functions of kitchen, dining, and living. Structural frames at 12-ft. centres establish the rhythm of the space. A polished concrete floor is contrasted by white ash plywood ceiling. Two totemic elements punctuate the pavilion: a 28-ft. free standing kitchen core and island; and a 16-ft. granite fireplace with a 10-ton mantle stone. A granite wine cellar is hidden beneath the kitchen, accessed by a secret white ash trap door and staircase. One crosses the granite plinth to access the night pavilion, which is mirrored in the infinity hot tub. The cantilevered Corten ‘bite’ frames views to the landscape on entry. The bedroom is a minimalist white wooden volume, with a sunken, white ash ‘vessel’ below.