Gift Guide: What a Year for a New Year

This round-up of stylish gift ideas will feel like you are extracting small victories from the end of an otherwise dreadful year.

Although most of us would agree that 2021 cannot get here fast enough for our liking, that does not mean the small pleasures of the holiday season should be overlooked. Here is a list of items to give (or keep) that are perfectly tailored for enjoying the finer points of what winter holidays are about.

Winter holidays are about… enjoying the outdoors

Born in the workshops of La Fabrique du Ski, based in Villard-de-Lans in the heart of the Vercors Massif of France, Sillage skis has found a way to blend Titanal, a competition-engineered material, with bamboo, carbon, and slate materials, thereby making performance qualities accessible to any skier.

Winter holidays are about… bringing greenery indoors

The Objects collection from Poltrona Frau offers a lush assortment of decorative centrepieces that play with shape, texture and material. The collection features unique creations such as Marianne vases by Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi; the blown glass vase Blue Pallo for Skruf and the Rips vase, both by Carina Seth Andersson.

Winter holidays are about… warmth

Simple yet powerfully mood-altering, there’s nothing like a good quality candle to set the stage. Hollow Tree Candles from Whistler, B.C. use coconut wax and cotton wicks to create a luxury candle that is not only environmentally friendly but is also produced from sustainable farming methods. Not far away, in nearby Vancouver, Lark & Ives is producing their She Inspires Collection, which follow fair-trade principles of gender equality, diversity, respect of the environment and living wages.

Winter holidays are about… cozy comfort

Combine the BOU Throw from luxury Italian home goods brand Society Limonta with Toss Cushion from Vancouver-based Marrimor Objects and you’ve got yourself the perfect setting to burrow into, ignore the world outside and dig into a good book. Speaking of which…

Winter holidays are about… a good read

The villain may lose in the end, but man, they’ve always got the best digs, as evidenced by Chad Oppenheim’s Lair: Radical Homes and Hideouts of Movie Villains, which celebrates and explores the architecture of evil by examining the designs of bad-guy bases from 15 iconic films. And if Dr. No needed to pick a good chair for his headquarters, he’d likely look at Chairpedia, an illustrated compilation of anecdotes around 101 iconic chairs and the latest encyclopedic project by Andreu World.

Winter holidays are about… binge watching

Samsung unveiled its latest QLED 8K TV at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, with so much technology souped up it’s the television equivalent of a Ferrari SF90 Stradale: a resolution four times the resolution of 4K, and a processor that ensures you feel the power of 8K, regardless of the source quality of the original content.

Winter holidays are about… beautiful decorations

Part of the Christmas collection by Alessi, Massimo Giacon and Marcello Jori’s irreverent tree ornaments challenge traditional imagery and are instead inspired by the world of video games, a form no doubt recognizable to the children in the house.