Box Design announces new ownership

Mischa Couvrette, owner and sole designer of Toronto-based contemporary furniture design brand hollis+morris, together with his brother Dylan, former Director of Operations at Berkeley Events, have announced their acquisition of Box Design, a boutique outdoor space design firm specializing in high-end condo balcony and terrace design – such as insulated planters, patio tiles and sleeper systems designed to withstand the Canadian winter – with the intention to expand the scope of Box’s offerings to include a full range of outdoor furnishings by leveraging Box’s manufacturing capabilities and legacy.

Post-acquisition, John Broere and Mark Gomes, Box’s founders, are helping the Couvrettes transition the company by overseeing projects already underway, such as an under-utilized 1,000-sq.-ft. terrace project at the Thompson Residences in Toronto into an all-season space featuring Ipe-wood decking and porcelain tiles, insulated planter boxes, a minimalist pergola, and comfortable living areas.

Come June, Mischa and Dylan will head up the firm and unveil its new offering: a contemporary line of made-to-order and quality-built outdoor furnishings which includes pergolas, seating, planters, fire pits, kitchens and bars, and lighting. Box Design will also be adding terrace kits ranging from 50 to 400 square feet, which will include custom design, Ipe modular decking, insulated boxes with trees and plants, and a trellis, for a fixed fee. The first collection launches summer 2021.

Box Design was founded in 2003 to offer design-build services for the creation of high-quality, modern-design outdoor spaces in the growing market of GTA condo dwellers. Launched in 2015, hollis+morris has evolved from a small label with a limited catalogue of seating options into a design studio with an impressive collection of lighting, furniture and accessories.

Mischa and Dylan Couvrette