Allsteel Partners with Swedish Acoustic Solutions Brand Zilenzio

Allsteel Inc has partnered with Zilenzio, a Swedish manufacturer that develops sound absorption designs, to deliver solutions for the acoustic challenges in modern workplaces. The collaboration aims to contribute to a more holistic sense of wellness and productivity in an establishment.


Marie Lindqvist and Jenny Helldén founded Zilenzio with one mission: to create quieter work environments. Many objects in the workplace that reflect sound could absorb sound instead, and all Zilenzio elements are thoughtfully designed and built to help define space through various partitions and screens. Their vision is grounded in three principles: Sound, Space, and Sustainability.


 All Zilenzio products are influenced by Scandinavian design principles, and their portfolio includes designs from Norm Architects and Note Design studio. Notable products now available through this partnership with Allsteel include: Focus Pod, an intimate, free-standing nook in which clients can talk with peace of mind; Delta, attractive ceiling-hung sound absorbers that dramatically reduce noise even in open floorplans, and Timber, a minimalist sound absorbing module that can be combined in many ways for visually engaging wall applications.

This latest partnership follows the success of Allsteel’s previous collaborations with Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen, and the Oakland, California based furniture company Corral. United by shared values of client service and world-class design, these partnerships create an all-inclusive range of solutions in terms of function, material, and aesthetic without compromising on manufacturing capabilities. The founders of Zilenzio describe their brand as one that keeps the customer at its core, always strives to be agile in response to their needs, and maintains a positive, engaged, accessible and solution-driven collective. Allsteel can imagine no better partner to bring human and wellness-centered acoustic design solutions to the American contract market.