Fabrics: There’s the Rub, pt. 2

Sophisticated and energetic, these new performance-driven upholstery lines are as unique in style as they are in construction.

Intersection | Duvaltex

Co-created by Duvaltex and Steelcase, in partnership with the SEAQUAL initiative, which turns marine plastic waste into recycled products with full traceability, Intersection is the first Ocean Waste Clean Impact Textiles. Offered in 17 colours, Intersection is available throughout the Steelcase surface materials distribution network and applicable on over 50 Steelcase screen and panel product lines, and made with post-consumer recycled polyester and plastics that were salvaged from oceans, processed and upcycled into a polymer used as yarn.

Everyday Textures | HBF Textiles

Created to complement HNI contract furniture brands such as Allsteel, Gunlocke, HON, and HBF, the six materials in this collection (Checkmate, Look-see, Blink, Walkabout, Poppy, and Zippy) “have a real body to them, and the creative use of yarn provides a unique feel and definition,” says Kandice Tjebkes, HNI Corporation Director, Colors, Materials + Finishes.

Remede Alta Healthcare | Architex

The Remedé line’s newest offerings include a six-pattern, 67 colourway collection inspired by the sea and with names like Billow, Seabed and Shower. Woven in 100 per cent solution-dyed nylon and powered by Alta Healthcare performance, these patterns are part of a collection featuring disinfectant cleanability, high durability, stain resistance and moisture barrier performance.

Volar Bio | Ultrafabrics

A new range of colours have been added to this first-of-its-kind collection that incorporates renewable plant-based materials into the multiple layers of product construction, including corn by-product and wood pulp materials to create a 29% biobased leather alternative that is suitable for upholstery, vertical surfaces and fashion. The bio-based construction is certified by the BioPreferred program which is managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

All 15 colours of Volar Bio, from left to right: Burlap, Fortress, Indigotin, Monarch, Scarlet, Silverstone, Porcini, Mint, Café Noir, Spinach, Gravity, Bramble, Matcha, Pitch Black, Macaw.

Supreen | Nassimi

Named after a combination of the words “supple” and “preen,” the composite material is constructed of a proprietary silicone blend that is virtually impermeable to any liquid, reactively repelling liquids and preventing future stains. The inaugural Winter 2021 Collection includes three new textile offerings in deep jewel tones and classic neutrals, a textural weave with subtle dimension, a delicately heathered design, and a small-scale geometric pattern.

Winter 2021 Supreen Inaugural Collection