Serena Dugan releases eponymous collection in Toronto

After the launch of her eponymous collection in January 2020, Serena Dugan has announced the release of Serena Dugan Studio in Toronto through Y&Co. The collection is an extension of Dugan’s work as an artist and painter and will encompass textiles, objects, and paintings.
The Serena Dugan Studio Collection includes 13 fabric patterns with multiple colourways for a total of 58 distinct materials and seven wallpaper patterns, which are also available in numerous colourways.

When conceptualizing the designs, Dugan gathered imagery that inspired her, without bias or intention, and without a “brand” to design into. These images all shared a strong lighthearted direction and pointed to what and pointed to what where the collection was going to be: An ode to wanderlust.The result is a textile collection that is spirited and worldly that captures Dugan’s artist’s eye and her traveler’s curiosity. “When painting, I explore the themes of shape, rhythm, and color relationships. My textiles further these ideas by translating them into pattern form,” says Dugan. “Print, through fabrics and wallcoverings, offers impact to a space that’s indelible and mood-altering. Given my background in art, design, interiors, and psychology, I find this allure irresistible.”
This collection of fabrics and wallcoverings speaks to Dugan’s influences. It is refined, but it also celebrates the imperfect — both vibrant and patina’d. Each of the designs is inspired and named after a place in the world where she has found inspiration, and includes: Soledad, Bahia, Jacinto,Capri, Cassis, Costa, Fenn, Venetto, Condesa, Oletta, Panarea, Caledonia, and Sumba.

Serena Dugan Studio additionally launched two categories: Objects and Paintings. Objects is a selection of carefully curated one-of-a-kind pieces found by Dugan, that share her artistic vision and the wanderlust quality of the overall collection. Pieces will include a painted sling chair, sourced in Mexico City, hand-painted leather pillows, and hand-glazed ceramic stools among other finds. Paintings will highlight Dugan’s past and present work, and will invite her audience behind the curtain of how the creation of art impacts the creation of textiles, and vice versa.

Artwork will be available through her galleries, while objects will be available through select stores nationwide, as well as her online store.