Marimekko celebrates 70 years with a nature-inspired collection

Finnish design house Marimekko celebrates its 70th anniversary with a fall 2021 collection that takes cues from a harmonious coexistence with nature. The ever-curious designers have drawn inspiration from  the environment throughout all seven decades of the company’s printmaking.

Marimekko’s home collection for fall 2021 presents the second edition of the Marikyläläiset ceramic figures – these everyday art pieces tell the tale of the Mari village and its various lively characters. 

This season, the late Maija Isola’s delightful Kaksoset design is seen on the Oiva (superb) items and a range of home textiles, including a fabric, a jacquard throw made of 100% recycled cotton, cushion covers, bed linens, terry towels, and cosmetic bags.

The Silkkikuikka home textiles are dyed with natural indigo, a plant-based dye extracted from the leaves of woad grown in Finland.

The Coexistence with Nature Collection also introduces handwoven baskets made of seagrass, new Oiva arrivals featuring cork details, and a cheerful new Oiva serving pot graced by the Alku pattern. 

The new home collection materials feature lower-impact natural fibers, such as unbleached base fabrics, recycled cotton as well as linen, hemp and jute. Seventy-four per cent of the items in this collection are manufactured in Europe while the rest are manufactured in Asia.

Overall, 68 per cent of the textile items are made with fabrics printed in Helsinki, and 86 per cent of the materials printed in Marimekko’s own textile printing factory are certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX requirements.