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Workplace Balance: First Gulf

Having worked with the developer on a variety of residential projects, First Gulf invited Figure3 to design a new workplace for their staff of 180,  who had been working in a space of high cubicles and siloed work.

Photo credit: Steve Tsai Photography

Located in the celebrated 17-storey Globe and Mail Centre built by First Gulf, the rectangular floorplate of 25,000 sf was typical, but rounded corners helped create a space that opens up to its guests.A neutral palette with natural warm tones and a combination of different woods allowed for complementary contrast to the raw stone textures and exposed ceilings.

Photo credit: Steve Tsai Photography

Photo credit: Steve Tsai Photography

At reception, a mix of modern and traditional design details can be seen. Riveted Corinthian column references effortlessly mix with a mirrored desk which reflect the activity of the office. Very conscious of sustainability in their projects, First Gulf commissioned a custom sculptural work of art depicting the human influence of Toronto.

The conference and boardroom glazing creates a gallery-style corridor that provides uninterrupted views. Smoked glass fronts with curved corners allow the city scene to be reflected. From inside the boardroom, a custom sculpture of a bronze coiled buck is tucked in the corner of the corridor, overseeing the business deals, also symbolizing the human influence on nature.

Photo credit: Steve Tsai Photography

The design allows for the office culture to be on display, with natural light flowing in and amazing views of the city acting as the backdrop. A balance of work settings, including open seating, interior offices, and non-bookable privacy rooms allows staff to not only be more visible to each other but also collaborate in more efficient and effective ways.

The lounge is a space not typically seen in office design – curating a more hospitality-driven atmosphere. With a servery tucked away, cozy built-in dining booths, and small studies, the space offers flexibility for staff while maintaining its function, and as well for First Gulf to entertain clients and host events.

“Figure3 has been fantastic partners with us on various projects, so it was only fitting that they design our office.  We entrusted them to push boundaries and execute our vision of elevating our workplace experience. What they delivered was beyond our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s been transformative for us as a business, and employees feel more connected to our impact on our community. Thank you Figure3 for helping us realize our vision,” said Brian Harrison, First Gulf’s Executive Vice President.