Turf Design explores the next level of acoustic construction with Hex

Turf Design is exploring the next level of acoustic construction with its latest tile introduction: Hex. Hex harnesses TURF’s PET felt, creating a range of 3D folds that form hollow chambers— a structural component that increases its already impressive sound absorption.

Photo courtesy of Turf Design

The folds of this multi-dimensional wall tile form hollow chambers in its interior— a clever structural element that increases its sound absorption to an impressive NRC (noise reduction coefficient) of .9

“High-performance acoustics are the next must-have for commercial spaces,” says Robert Perri, President, Turf Design. “The need for collaborative environments in public spaces and workplaces will be paramount as we emerge from the pandemic. Folded tile solutions like Hex and our previously launched Reed will help make any space viable for meetings and conversations, while helping occupants avoid the ‘sound shock’ that might come with a return to public life.”

Each hexagonal tile merges four triangles of TURF felt and sculpts them into a convex, multidimensional form with a height of 13.5,” with of 11.69,” and depth of 2.25.” The central triangle can be positioned in a multitude of arrays and directions.

Hex is available in 8 TURF Textures — a digitally printed wood design with virtually no repeat — and a range of 30 stunning colors ranging from neutral to bold.