Holly Hunt launches Moss and Lam’s new collection in Canada

Holly Hunt introduced the work of celebrated artist Deborah Moss of Toronto-based custom art studio Moss & Lam, a creative workshop co-founded in 1987 with her late husband Edward Lam.

Edge Spiral

The Moss & Lam collection through Holly Hunt features nine new designs across furniture, art, and accessories, drawing inspiration from elements of geometric modernism mixed with ancient manufacturing techniques.

The furniture assortment comprises a range of modern side tables that can be used individually or in groupings. Among the collection is the Playtime Side Tables: while the geometric forms can stand on their own, when the varying sizes and colors are grouped together the result is a room-anchoring statement. The Playtime Tables are handcrafted using the ancient technique of scagliola, which results in a cast marbleized compound of cementitious plaster and pigment.

The Dean, Dover, and Mount Side Tables, designed as part of a series named after the W1 region in London, feature modern silhouettes and are handcrafted using the same ancient technique of scagliola.

More playful pieces include the Mister Owl Side Table and the Walking Bear Side Table, sculptural, hand-finished tables that are rendered in smooth plaster and refined Portland cement.

W1 Table

“Rich with texture and worldly references, the dynamic work of Moss & Lam is imbued with soul,” says Jo Annah Kornak, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director of Holly Hunt. “Deborah’s work fits in perfectly with Holly Hunt’s expert curation of unexpected, livable luxury.”

The art and accessories are similarly sculptural. Edge Spiral—a framed series of art that is made of inked or metallic leaf treated paper that is then torn and curled by hand—examines the tactile and sculptural qualities of the material and invites contemplation. Another offering, Suspensions, features a range of contemplative objects that explore contradictory elements: weightlessness and mass, clarity and opacity. Made of cast resin and white gold, the five pieces in the series conjure bubbles trapped in blocks of ice. All are made to the same exacting standards Moss & Lam adheres to for its monumental works commissioned by the world’s leading interior designers and architects. 

“Authenticity in design has always been a cornerstone of our work, and the last year has made its importance ever more apparent,” says Deborah Moss, Co-Founder of Moss & Lam. “With our collection for Holly Hunt, we relish the opportunity to introduce Moss & Lam to an even broader audience while adding what we hope is a welcome dose of whimsy.”