Keilhauer introduces the Epix Collection

Keilhauer released a collection designed to support the future of the workplace with new tables, seating, and storage. The “Epix” line is intended to fulfill work space needs through a series of sustainable, 100 per cent recyclable set of tools by the Swedish design studio Form Us With Love (FUWL).

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

Epix is a first time collaboration between Keilhauer and FUWL. Their mutual passion for sustainability and modern design, and a shared commitment to design activism, informed the collection’s coherent aesthetic – balancing rational, industrial design with warmth and elegance.

The skeleton and functionality of Epix was developed through research and examination. At the early onset, a research study, including interviews and surveys, examined how people used the office and what they most desired to see in the future. Above all else, gathering spaces were identified as the most important area of focus.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

“Keilhauer has always believed that the heart of the office is formed by the spaces where people come together. These spaces create team cohesion, corporate culture, creativity, and can support production and execution for individuals and groups,” says Keilhauer President, Mike Keilhauer. “With Epix, we’ve created a very unique and environmentally focused approach to supporting these spaces – and followed through on our design activism commitments.”

The results of this early research inspired FUWL to develop a blue-sky list of tools that were later filtered using a five-step process examining craft, innovation, durability, scalability and sustainability. This short list was then further refined by aligning to Keilhauer’s technical expertise and industry leading engineering to inform the final collection of seating, tables and storage.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

The cohesive Epix seating collection is made entirely from pure materials. A pure aluminum frame is the base for all Epix chair options, providing strength and support to the interchangeable formed seat shells. The usage of only pure materials in the construction of the Epix chair allows for recyclable seating.

Epix Tables are a mobile surface solution that can be arranged for small work groups, or combined to accommodate large-scale gatherings. Square shaped with two casters for easy arrangement, they are available at conference and bar height. Under-mounted hooks provide storage for bags and coats to maintain a clear work surface.

In a category first for Keilhauer, the addition of shelving provides a number of practical solution that expands the collection’s applications. It provides a visual divide and, with the addition of knockout, movable felt panels, physical and auditory privacy as well.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

Understanding that employees tend to congregate around the tools they need, a mobile cart was added to the collection – allowing tools to be brought in and out with ease to spaces better designed for congregation.

“In terms of use, in terms of set up – it is easily understandable. There is no fuss. You can see how to use each item and each item together. One collection is a full solution to make it easy for the specifier,” says FUWL Creative Director, John Löfgren.

With its focus on the future, sustainability was an important part of the design process. As design activists, Keilhauer and FUWL were able to bring this design vision to life through meticulous material planning, selection, and long-term, lifecycle considerations. To divert waste from landfill, the collection is 100 per cent recyclable and designed for easy disassembly and the use of replacement parts.