Laidback Landscape: Clarke Terrace

MYTO design d’espaces vivants announced a new award-winning landscape design. Designer Martine Brisson and landscape architect Roxanne Miller worked for over a year to create a green rooftop with custom planters atop a home in Westmount.

Photo credit: Pierre Béland

The sprawling 1965 square foot space is dedicated to relaxation, and boasts a spectacular view and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape.

After renovating the house in 2016, the owner of the luxury property wanted to make the most of the flat roof by turning it into a deck. He engaged MYTO design d’espaces vivants, whose specialties include green rooftops. The mandate was to create a space focused on wellness suitable for entertainment.

Photo credit: Pierre Béland

Brisson and Miller created a contemporary and streamlined outdoor space bordered with colourful, somewhat unruly vegetation. The decking is made of ipe wood, a species known for its toughness, and high density, to ensure safe enjoyment of the view and vegetation, a transparent glass parapet encloses the entire perimeter.

Photo credit: Pierre Béland

One of the project’s challenges was to create elegant furnishings that would conceal ventilation equipment on the roof. Brisson and Miller designed a set of wood-clad planters to conceal the equipment. “We designed these planters from the ground up to meet this project’s requirements. The wooden elements are removed in winter to prevent swelling.” Once the design was complete, Atelier Papineau took charge of building the planters.

In the planters and on the green terrace, Miller opted for perennials and indigenous species, to minimize maintenance and replanting. The planters are insulated for overwintering. The horticulturist also took care to work with a harmonious color palette (pink, blue, violet) and chose plants with different flowering times (brief and long) so that there would be elegant flowers throughout the warm season. 

Brisson and Miller also wanted subtle lighting for the plants, choosing minimalist fixtures from Jardin d’ombre et lumière. In the evening, the space has a warm, intimate, and thoroughly relaxing ambiance.

The result is a rooftop terrace that blends with the surrounding canopy. Shaded by large trees at almost every time of day, the space is surrounded by colorful wildflowers that frame a gorgeous view of downtown Montreal.