Office Gear: Edge of Your Zone

Offices aren’t going away, and neither are many of the issues workplace solution designers were tackling even before the pandemic, such as sound management and physical support.

T7 Arm | Allseating

This new adjustable ergonomic arm’s name reflects the seven unique, isolatable movements the arm provides which includes a 360-degree pivot as well as forward, backward, up, down, in, and out motions in order to support the muscular system when properly adjusted to a user’s body, including specific characteristics such as their arm length and dominant hand, and is available on the You, Levo, Inertia, and Chiroform task chairs.

Tono | Inspec

Designed by Danish company Hans Thyge & Co and developed for the contract market as a multi-functional chair for a meeting room, waiting rooms or social spaces, this sound absorbing armchair made from recycled PET bottles is available in a four-legged steel tube frame and a four-legged solid wood frame.

Skate | Sitland

Tapping into the concept of active seating, drawing specifically from a skateboarders’ freedom of movement, this sinuous new task chair comes with a slender backrest that acts in three dimensions similar to the truck of a skateboard, two movement systems integrated in the structure (both patent pending), and a large seat that can accommodate people of any size.

Wayfinding LVT | Mannington Commercial

The company has dipped into its wide range of LVT product experience to now offer floor wayfinding suitable for the times. Icons include a variety of arrows in different colours and shapes, plus six standard icons and three standard plank messages: “Please Wait Here,” “Practice Social Distancing” and “Please Wait on the Line.” Customized messages, sizes, background/foreground colours are available.

TalkZone | Spec Furniture

A fully customizable product, right down to the carpet selection, laminates for the exterior, neutral or bold colour choices for interior acoustic panels, even the handle placement (right or left side, ideal for space planning). Integrated air vent systems, power connections, and bar height laptop table come standard, made more comfortable with the optional upholstered PostUp stool.

BuzziNest | BuzziSpace

Designed to act as a freestanding, soundproofed room within a room, the collection comes in two models: BuzziNest Booth (at 1.2-sq.-m) and BuzziNest Pod (three square metres), that can be customized with three frame colours, over 90 fabrics and felts for its main structure, built-in air ventilation and an LED lighting system, both powered by motion sensor.

Cube & Solo | Loop Phone Booths

Designed and manufactured in Edmonton by Onetwosix Design Agency, both pieces exude a minimalist and refined northern aesthetic that tow the line between furniture and architecture. Designed for easy installation, each Cube booth consists of three modules assembled on site and feature warm, hardwood exterior and brightly coloured interiors, while the Solo uses a hardwood frame paired with durable laminate exterior sides and a soft grey interior.

Focus | Allsteel + Zilenzio

The American maker of office solutions and Swedish maker of sound absorption solutions have joined forces to combat acoustic challenges in modern workplaces. The results are extensive. Among the many lines released is the Focus, a collection of flexible privacy screens that can easily be folded and stored close by after use, perfect for activity-based offices. Floor and table versions are available, plus a Pod with integrated seat and table.