L’Atelier Appliance Studio unveils Gaggenau suite in Montreal

Montréal’s L’Atelier Appliance Studio has unveiled a brand new suite featuring luxury appliances from Gaggenau. Designed to create an immersive, welcoming experience for both consumers and designers, the suite is hosted by the professional expertise of the showroom team.
“This installation celebrates our Black Forest heritage by joining together elements of luxurious design and rich history to tell the story of Gaggenau,” said Steve Preiner, Director of Marketing, BSH Home Appliances Ltd. “The L’Atelier Appliance Studio is a place for customers to test drive the kitchen of their dreams, offering live cooking, product consultations, training and events. The new Gaggenau suite will elevate the experience, while transporting you into the world of Gaggenau.”

The integration of the treated Black Forest into the suite celebrates the brand’s beginnings in the hamlet of Gaggenau over 300 years ago. It is within the Black Forest that Ludwig Wilhelm Von Baden first started an Iron Foundry in 1683.

The 20 trees that comprise the Black Forest in the suite come from real trees that have been dried over the last six months at a very high temperature, to remove all the main sap and keep them natural.

Some are over 10 feet high and are installed on natural vegetal moss that also comes from boreal forests in Quebec. Finishes in the Gaggenau suite were selected to recreate the beauty and ambiance of the Black Forest – natural materials complimented by the artistry of equipment designed for discerning home chefs in private kitchens.


The EB333 Gaggenau oven is prominently displayed at the entrance of the Gaggenau suite, celebrating it’s over 30 years of availability. Recognized as being one of the most exclusive ovens available, each EB333 oven is hand-assembled in Lipsheim, France. Each door is crafted with 5 layers of glass and a single sheet of 3mm stainless steel. When opened, it reveals a stunning cobalt blue interior. Through the years, this oven has been updated to remain a signature piece in the Gaggenau collection.

Wine climate cabinets create the backdrop wall for this elegant space. Four columns with warm interior lighting transform this space into a wine bar for an evening soiree when integrating the custom island. The preservation centres have been integrated into the feature wall with panelled doors without handles. (Opened by a slight nudge).

Displayed within the island is a selection of cooking varios available for trial. Individual cooking modules that allow kitchen enthusiasts to create their own bespoke workstation. Absolute control is given to the user to create a cooking surface that matches their ambitions – the possibilities are endless for both gas or induction! Visitors may notice the minimalist ventilation in the space. The island vario configuration includes a powerful but discreet ventilation solution and wall mounted ventilation is designed as a functional statement piece.

Displayed into the suite walls are Gaggenau’s signature 400 series wall oven collection, symmetrically displayed with a beverage centre, warming drawer and vacuum drawer assist. Every culinary ambition is possible with this combination of appliances. Whether the home chef would like to steam, sear, bake, braise, regenerate or extract juices. The signature rotary knobs of Gaggenau, make each appliance intuitive but custom with details suited to the professional chef but designed for the private home. A thoughtfully assembled selection of accessories are available to assist chefs with their creative expressions. Ovens easily transform into a hearth when using a baking stone heated to 550 F.