Stairway to habitation: Gounod Residence

Located on a narrow lot in the Villeray district of Montreal, the Gounod Residence is an ISSADESIGN home that offers 2 units of 1845 square feet.

Designed to blend into the urban landscape, the house is spread over four floors on the neighborhood scale, with a combination of rich and contrasting materials that predominate on the building’s façade.

Photo credit: David Boyer

The entrance is greeted by the staircase, which acts as the centerpiece of the house and as a landmark. “The idea behind this architectural element was to make a slight nod to the tree in the forest. Inspired by the tree trunk, the staircase is framed with slats and this on the full height. At the very top, the end of the promenade, a skylight illuminates the space and offers interesting plays of light and shadow.”  

Photo credit: David Boyer

Family living areas occupy the first floor. For its part, the basement offers a living area as well as an additional bedroom and a functional laundry room. The children’s wing is located on the 2nd level while the upper level is dedicated to the master suite where one has access to a roof terrace, ensuring private outdoor relaxation. A glassed-in bathroom integrated into the bedroom is also a focal point.  

The materiality proposed for this co-ownership is intended to be contrasting and elegant. The objective was to play with black and white knowing that these shades are timeless and give character to any place when combined. The herringbone wood flooring adds a dose of warmth and elegance to this house that is just waiting to receive its future inhabitants. 

Project Specifications
Client: Private
Location:  Villeray district, Montréal, Qc, Canada
Area: 3685 pi. ca. / 343 m. ca.
Materials used: Italian marble, oiled white oak, quartz, metal.

Project’s Team
Design: ISSADESIGN, design de l’environnement intégré
Photographer: David Boyer