Pigment Design introduces new wall coverings designed by Quebec artists

Pigment Design, in association with artists from Quebec, is launching MERAKI, a brand-new adhesive wallcovering product designed and printed in Quebec. 

Color : beige / coral / green
Illustrator Marish Papaya
Photo credit: MERAKI

Each of the product’s creators expresses her art, her passion, and her vision of decoration through every pattern. For Fanie Giguère-Robitaille, artist-entrepreneur and founder of Pigment Design and creator of the MERAKI product, this project is the sum of more than 10 years of experience in design and a strong desire to create from the heart while striving for quality, the unusual, and the whimsical, both for the team and for customers. 

When the pandemic forced operations to cease in March 2020, Giguère-Robitaille mobilized her team with a goal to take advantage of the downtime in order to propel this idea that has lived inside her for years.

Twist terrazzo
Color : white / multi
Photo credit: Hélène Bouffard

A career entrepreneur, Giguère-Robitaille initiated this project by surrounding herself with inspiring, well-known illustrators in Quebec, including Marie-France Auger (mfa designer textile) and Marish Papaya. The team’s four designers focussed on training, meetings, and content creation with efforts to bring each one’s artistic vision to life in a quality product, without compromise. 

Auger and Papaya joined the project by designing exclusive patterns, sometimes wise, sometimes unbridled. These range from underwear to an enchanted forest, to papaya; there’s nothing conventional here. The patterns are also drawn by Pigment Design’s designers, which are bursting and display thinking outside the box.

Flora and Confettititis
Illustrator Marie-France Auger
Photo credit: MERAKI

The goal is to reach an art-sensible target market that wishes to support local businesses and those interested in adding colour and vitality to their decor. 

In addition to focusing on the quality of the printed product, it was essential for the team that MERAKI be designed and produced as close as possible to the workshop. For Giguère-Robitaille, the project needed to be based on strong values and enjoyment: “I wanted to highlight the specific approaches to each one, focus on the satisfaction derived from creating, but also make something that would meet the demanding expectations of my team and our desire to create a unique product, designed by local talents. We just said to ourselves that we had to create what we liked with the greatest possible creative freedom.” 

Snack time
Photo credit: MERAKI

MERAKI’s adhesive wallcovering is one of the thickest available on the market (6/1000 of an inch). It is completely opaque, and reproduces the rich texture of an artist’s canvas. It is self-adhesive yet removable – no glue or water is required – so the cutouts and wall murals can be repositioned during installation. MERAKI currently has 6 collections and 120 products

“MERAKI is a word of Greek origin. It can’t be translated into a single word, as it represents the concept of doing something with passion, love, and creativity; to pour yourself into your work.”