Cambria launches four new designs and one finish

Cambria launched four new designs inspired by the idea of the quintessential summer vacation. The collection offers cool whites warmed by honey or complemented by gray, textured ridges, flecks of silver, cascading black veining, abundant swirls, and charcoal gray veins.

Included in this launch is the introduction of Cambria’s first-of-its-kind, Satin Ridge finish. The sheen sits between Cambria’s high gloss and Cambria Matte finishes, with texture throughout the design. “The veins are larger-size quartz crystals that appear almost petrified,” says Cambria’s EVP of Design Summer Kath. “They seem to float and add a level of contour.” Cambria Satin Ridge finish is available exclusively on Cambria’s new Leabridge design.
True to its name, the cool whites and grays of Sandgate mimic the surface of a favourite childhood beach or treasured memory with enticing glints of silver flecks that add extra depth and dimension. Sandgate’s array of calming neutrals reflects a serene speckled shoreline and brings a sense of calm.

Earthy hues intertwined with soft swirls meld together to create organic movement that achieves a delicate yet evocative look much like smoothed out marble. The intermingling of neutral tones makes this design very versatile. “Sandgate is not meant to be the star of the show,” says Kath. “It can be used anywhere and everywhere because it’s beautiful and complements any style.”

High-contrast, deeply saturated black veining cascades across a cool white background, intersecting with softer veins that pulsate and crackle. Sleek and timeless, Hemsworth showcases a unique type of striated veining that strikes across the intricate terrain of the slab with compelling movement.

Kath says, “We were inspired by urban European cities like Paris where stark white buildings mix with architectural black trim for a classically beautiful combination.” Juxtaposing the sea of seamless all-white design, Hemsworth elevates classic white with the sophistication of bold black.

An update to the beige invasion of the early 2000s, brown is back in 2021, but with a fresh spin. Halewood features abundant swirls of charcoal gray veins which animate this wheat-toned design. Beige and white accents provide a subtle softness with a crystallized feel that adds emotional depth and dimension. “With Halewood, we were inspired by earth tones and the color palette of the wilderness, mountains, and desert,” says Kath. Halewood feels right at home in a traditional space, but with its crystalline movement and veining, it fits into modern aesthetics just as well.

With a first-of-its-kind quartz finish, Leabridge with Satin Ridge finish features gradations of cool white and warm honey, with borders of textured ridges. Reminiscent of the salt flats in Utah, Leabridge has a fractal aesthetic with a color gradient, a combination that is versatile for an array of design styles.

The new Cambria Satin Ridge finish awakens those memories of special places. This distinctive surface reflects a rich finish with a sensual texture, adding a powerful tactile dimension to the visual sophistication of the Cambria design. Kath explains that “we’re energized by the possibilities of this new finish. And we’re looking forward to seeing the applications you discover and how this might awaken your sense of place.”

The new Cambria Satin Ridge finish is available exclusively on the Leabridge design. Because of its unique characteristics, edges differ in look and feel from the top surface. Mitering extends the top surface to exterior edges. Leabridge offers the same maintenance-free benefits as all Cambria designs.