STACKLAB continues to explore systems-based design with an expanded Ash Collection

Ash Collection | A1, A4, B2, C3. Shown in: Cast Bronze and Diseased Ash. 2021
Visualization: STACKLAB
Artwork: Bradley Wood

The Ash Collection is an innovative system of versatile furnishings born out of the challenges that face regional manufacturing. The twelve-piece collection of seats and tables features a diseased Ashwood base and cast bronze top; fully sourced, designed and manufactured within 100 miles of Toronto.

To minimize the number of patterns and moulds required to build it, all of the parts in the collection stem from a single egg shape. The tooling used to make the product is repurposed into the product and process; enhancing its role, extending its lifespan and saving factory floor space.

Once the base is made, the shavings from the milling process are reclaimed, mixed with re-usable refractory sand and compacted around the base to make the mould for the top. When the molten metal is poured into it, the sawdust burns away and the sand goes back into production to create new moulds. The only trace left behind by the mould is the textured finish on the metal top; nothing is wasted.

Integrating the design and manufacturing processes out of the gate allows STACKLAB to produce the maximum number of objects with the minimum amount of waste. Optimized with the aid of an algorithm, the wholly circular solution seamlessly combines design, tech and craft.

80 per cent of the material is repurposed and the amount of waste produced per volume is just one per cent. When displayed in the home as single pieces or aggregates, the Ash Collection enriches its environment through its harmonious union of experimental thinking and age-old craft.

Produced in a limited run of 25 units per piece, the Ash Collection is made in collaboration with STACKLAB’s regional network of suppliers, artisans and manufacturers. Three artist proofs will also be produced in Ashwood and solid-cast aluminum.

The Collection has been expanded with two new table designs for Maison Gerard. Made entirely from Ontario diseased Ashwood, the new variants build on the versatility of the collection’s distinctive base geometry. The tops are made out of joined boards, which use more wood and create less waste, in keeping with the spirit of the collection.

Ash Grand Table Collection STACKLAB X Maison Gerard | Centre Table Shown in: diseased Ash. 2021
Visualization: STACKLAB
Artwork: Erik Olson
Ash Grand Table Collection STACKLAB X Maison Gerard | Dining Table. Shown in: Diseased Ash. 2021
Visualization: STACKLAB